Nile River series

Special section on Nile Water Security 

As a result of increased interest on the topic, here is the full list of Water Security blog posts on emerging Nile Water Security issues, in chronological order.

Nile Water Security series:

1. Mubarak’s Fall and the Future of the Nile Basin 

2. Egyptian Water Security vs. Ethiopian Development

3. Egypt’s Jonglei Canal Gambit

4. Egyptian Saber-rattling and a White Nile Coalition 

5. Egypt & Ethiopia: Nile Cooperation at last?

6. Nile Day 2012 and an unexpected Joint Technical Committee

7. The Dragon and the Nile

8. Sisi and the Nile Basin Reset

If you have an interest in this topic, please feel free to comment (just please keep the comments in the spirit of productive discussion, and not provocation.

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