The QANAT: March 8-14, 2010


WHAT? A Weekly digest of news and information related to water security

WHY? Because not everyone is on twitter!  Also, this is focused specifically on watersheds where water security issues are “off the radar”, at least in terms of a Western context.  Specifically, I’ll be collecting information from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

NAME? Its an ancient Persian water supply system, comprised of a series of vertical shafts that drain into a long horizontal tunnel, connecting an aquifer to a community, field, or livestock pond.  Check the wikipedia page for an excellent overview.

The Qanat:  Weekly digest of international Water Security related news

“We are also currently looking at ways of streamlining in the way we regulate hydropower…schemes typically need up to four licenses from the Environment Agency at the moment, which is quite complex from a developers point of view.” UK considering building 26,000 hydropower turbines to power British homes. The Telegraph

UN Water has produced ten short “messages” for businesses based on the findings of the 3rd World Water Development Report. Each message addresses a particular influential group of decision-makers. World Water Development report UN Water

“China’s arable land totaled 1.83 billion mu (122 million hectares) in 2009, close to the bottom line set at 1.8 billion mu, Vice Minister of Agriculture Wei Chaoan…”
China Vows to protect arable land from urban development China Daily

Pupils line up for their daily drinking water, which is of a low quality, at a primary school in Huoshipeng village, Dongshan town in Xuanwei, Southwest China’s Yunnan province on March 5, 2010. [Photo/Xinhua]” Photos: Water shortages in Yunnan Province, China China Daily

“A Chinese air force plane takes off for a mission to bomb the floating ice that jams a section of the Yellow River, the second longest in China”  Warplane bombs Yellow River ice jam China Daily

“Zhang Min, a villager in Puding County, Guizhou, said he has not seen a drop of water from the water faucet at his home since the end of January.” More on severe drought in Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces, China China Daily

“Loktak Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Northeast India. It has an area of 300sq km… siltation, pollution, agriculture and adverse effect from Loktak Hydropower Project are some of the main problems which had led to an alarming destruction of the lake.” Campaign to save Loktak Lake, India India Waterportal

“Almost 6 million people and 3.6 million head of livestock are facing drinking water shortages in Yunnan.” 7.5 million in SW China face water scarcity China Daily

“China had 1,527 sewage treatment plants by February 2009, treating 68.8 million cubic meters of sewage every day.” Chinese Politician advocates increased recycled water use Xinhua News

“…two clans have been fighting over land and water in recent weeks in Mudug and the latest clash was about 110 km northeast of Dhusamareb, provincial capital of Galgadud.” Somali clans clash over access to water Reuters

“China extended invitations this week for Mekong country representatives to visit its Jinghong dam later this month.” When the Mekong Runs Dry Asia Times Online

“China’s Chongqing Water Group Co said on Sunday it plans to raise as much as 3.49 billion yuan ($511 million) after setting an IPO price range.” Chongqing Water Shanghai IPO to raise funds for 9 waste water treatment projects and 6 water supply projects Reuters


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