Why another water blog?

I was astonished when I searched “water security” in google, and didn’t come across a blog of the same title.  Granted many useful website pop up (including FAO, UNESCO, EPA), but nothing in the form of a digest that keeps track of all things water security.

So, in the absence of a suitable blog I’m making one to fill that gap.   It is my hope that this blog can ultimately be of similar value as many other well known waterwonk blogs, such as WaterWired, Aquafornia, WaterSIS, and Chance of Rain.  You can follow the posts of this blog on Twitter (twitter name: watersecurity), or just come back every now and then to see a new post.

What’s with the Banner pic Pat?

Regional, National, and International security are all founded upon the consistent and reliable functioning of the natural environment, specifically access to water resources and all of the benefits water provides for society including drinking, sanitation, transport, and food production.

Most of the largest watersheds in the world are transboundary in nature, and as a result, form the basis for either international conflict or cooperation.  I am particularly fascinated by the huge diversity of issues and actors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  Groundwater, surface water, atmospheric moisture, and even virtual water all coalesce into a complex and seemingly intractable hydrologic network,that underlies a similarly complex geopolitical landscape.

The blog’s content will not be limited to water & security issues in the MENA region, but its likely that they will feature relatively prominently.


2 Replies to “Why another water blog?”

  1. Will you also be addressing social issues that arise from conflict over water resources, such as poverty and crime?

    1. I hope to address all the different aspects and dimensions of water security, certainly including poverty and crime. I do agree that poverty and crime (separately and together are very closely linked to water security. A very basic definition of human survival is access to water, and therefore “water security” certainly does not only reflect the geopolitical conception of security, but can also mean security of existence.

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